Contemporary Art Collectors and all Art Enthusiasts will discover unique, vibrant pastel paintings and limited-edition chromogenic photographs.
Enjoy a virtual tour of my New York City Art Studio.
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Meet Barbara

Dividing her time between residences in New York and Alexandria, Virginia, Barbara enjoys a busy career as a professional artist. She exhibits nationally and internationally and continues to win accolades, including completion of Ajira’s Emerge 2000 business program for artists, a 2008-2009 Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation award, and grants from the Templar Trust In Lichtenstein.

"Barbara Rachko's antecedents are not in the folk traditions of the cultures she studies and embraces, but rather in the sophisticated strategies of Henri Matisse (who was a master at mixing patterns) and Edgar Degas (who exploited the power of oblique angles and cropped figures)." -Ann Landi

"It is undeniable that, like de Chirico, Barbara Rachko has created a unique, original, and very private landscape." -Peter Dellolio

"Rachko has done a spectacular job at allowing viewers to understand her, her approach to art, and her techniques... The diversity of her background and experiences has certainly had a significant effect on her unique and remarkable approach to art, and her ability to consistently create such important works of art." -Artists.com

Hear Barbara's Yale Radio Interview.

Barbara Rachko's Colored Dust

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